We supply accessories for power equipment

our products are found in power and distribution transformers

We supply aluminium and copper strip & rod

for all applications within a range of power and distribution transformers

We supply transformer accessories for power equipment

We are distributors for a range of transformer accessories


Mogoshi is a local black owned transformer accessories company based in Gauteng which is committed to provide quality accessories for power and distribution transformer customers.


Our strategic focus is the development of a range of power electrical equipment accessories to cater for the various OEM’s within South and Southern Africa.

We are committed towards providing quality accessories for our customers who range from OEM’s to end-users. 


Insulation made from cellulose based press boards/transformer boards which meet the highest necessary requirements for use in electrical apparatus; copper and aluminium strip and copper and aluminium rods and a wide range of transformer accessories.

Transformer Board

Mogoshi is a distributor of transformer board, moulded and machined parts, sets and kits and electrical insulation paper to Southern African markets all used for transformer applications.

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Copper & Aluminium Rods & Strips

Mogoshi (Pty) Ltd is a distributor of copper rods as well as copper and aluminium strip to customers as part of its transformer accessories range.

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Transformer Accessories

Mogosi (Pty) Ltd is a distributor of a range of transformer accessories which are generally used for indication, recording and protection purposes.  

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Mogoshi (Pty) Ltd


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